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Rose Gold Eyelashes Curler

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Give your lashes a fuller more dramatic finish with our stylish Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers! Not only are they going to give you lush lashes but they will make a cute statement piece in your make up bag! 

Eyelash curlers are a great tool which can be used for blending your natural eyelashes with false strip lashes.

Silicone pads are used for gentle, but amazingly effective curling to open up your eyes in seconds. 

How to use

For that full lash effect and for a seamless blend with false lashes, curl your lashes before you apply your mascara or false lashes. Hold curler in thumb and finger. Place lashes in pads and slowly close the curler. Hold firmly for 30 seconds then gently release the curler from lashes.

Wash the pads regularly between uses.